Outlook on the SupraLab @ UniPV

Our research activity deals with the coordination chemistry of multidentate ligands, covering in particular the following topics: (i) separation of ionic targets from aqueous solutions; (ii) separation of gaseous mixtures.

In the last years, our research interests addressed the design of supramolecular systems able to act as molecular receptors and sensors for ionic targets (e.g. anionic pollutants); ii) the development of functionalized matrices and devices for the sensing/capturing of target species (e.g. sensing of biomarkers in biological fluids); iii) development of supramolecular functional materials.

At the moment, we are working on the MOCA project in collaboration with the University of Calabria and CNR-ITM, for more information visit our website!!!

Latest from SupraLab…


Liquid-liquid extraction of succinate using a dicopper cryptate” has been posted as pre-print paper on ChemRxiv


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